I'm Sam. Or Toppie. I'm 20 and I dig video games, anime, cosplay, the works. My favorite game series is Shin Megami Tensei, so expect a lot of that stuff. Other than that I've got some more fandoms listed below.

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Title: How We Get Old (Bonus Track)
Artist: Jim Guthrie
Album: Sword & Sworcery LP - The Ballad of the Space Babies

How We Get Old - Sword & Sworcery

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If you like Young Justice and haven’t seen Batman The Brave and The Bold yet definitely go do that because it’s utterly charming and they were able to fit in a surprising amount of great DC characters

There is also an episode featuring Scooby Doo and Weird Al as himself, Batman The Brave and the Bold is not to be missed

Still mad because Young Justice set up PERFECTLY for a 3rd season involving APOKOLIPS they’d even been making references to it in really early episodes they were SO READY for a 3rd season with Apokolips

Young Justice deserves the great sendoff that Batman The Brave and the Bold got

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'Young Justice' Will Return To TV

Young Justice Young Justice

With the recent news that the Young Justice series is coming to Blu-ray, any mention of the property returning to TV is a good one. And while it’s not quite what fans will want, any acknowledgement of the property at this point, especially by Cartoon Network, is a good one. Series producer and writer Greg Weisman confirmed via Twitter that the team will return to the airwaves, but it will be part of a Teen Titans Go! crossover episode that brings the two groups together. There’s no details on the when, the how or even how long it will be since the show currently running its second season does 12 minute episodes. But bringing the property back up is a good sign and Weisman lightly mentioned that while this appearance won’t cause a new TV series to get on the radar, continued attention is not a bad thing in showing there’s real support for it.

[Source: ComicBookMovie]

Check out the full article by Chris Beveridge at

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Nishinoya from Haikyuu!

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im not sure if if you've played it or not, but maybe clementine from the walking dead game?

I haven’t, but my dash has informed me that she is

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Sora and Roxas? :3

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Jack Frost having a midlife crisis when he discovers that snowmen tend to have noses

I thought this was talking about RotG Jack Frost at first, but he has a nose so

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Taking doodle requests to unwind a bit!

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I’m scared to be one of those recommended posts where it’s just a post of me reblogging someone else’s art and not a post of my own because then people follow you under false pretenses thinking it was you who drew the art

like I am so sorry please I am not to blame for this tomfoolery

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I only have the conclusion left to write and then I’ll be able to enjoy the rest of the summer but instead I’m looking up pictures of dogs on laptops


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and then he was like gWOOAAH!!!! and then it was like BAKYUUUN!

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Hey!! Would you mind directing me to Banksy's sexist statements?


I feel that a lot of his depictions of women in his art are really fucked up and sexist, though I’m sure 15 billion people will jump down my throat claiming it’s ~satire~ and therefore somehow incapable of being genuinely offensive (even if people are indeed offended).

In terms of explicit statements he put this quote, "feminism is a weapon. weapons are for war. make love, not war" on his instagram. That idea is wildly ignorant and anti-feminist.

And while I’m at it I’ll do a mini YFIP on him

He used the n-word in an interview while talking about how he was trying to “reclaim” the word vandalism the way that some Black people have reclaimed the n-word. Given that it’s well-documented that he’s white (including in this same article) it’s completely inappropriate and racist for him to use the actual word.

Then there’s the larger fact that his whole career is an exercise in white privilege, cultural appropriation, and classism (and of course racism because class is a race issue). You think a man of color could get away with all his stunts without ever getting caught or in trouble? Absolutely not. Also, street art/graffiti is just not white people’s domain, in the same way that rap music isn’t white people’s domain. White people can participate, but they need to recognize they didn’t invent it. Banksy gets an incredible amount of credit for doing what people of color had been doing for years before he showed up. Also, Banksy often puts up his pieces in poor neighborhoods mostly populated by people of color, and then all the bougie white people (who would never deign to set foot in that neighborhood otherwise) come to take photos and clog up public spaces. It’s like a mini gentrification. Here is a great post that elaborates on these points. It’s specifically about Shepard Fairey, but the points all translate to Banksy as well.

Banksy is such a symbol (mostly among middle to upper class white kids looking to rebel) of counterculture, but he’s actually just kind of an asshole.